New Song + Sziget Festival 2014

So last time, I wrote about my “obsession” to BΔSTILLE here. And I’ve written about how excited I was when I heard (or read) the announcement that they are releasing a new song.

I actually read it on Tumblr saying, a new song will be released on the 8th of August and it is on their store. So to make sure it was, I checked it. It says that you can pre-order the Oblivion Limited Edition 7″ vinyl which features the new song bad_news (and yes, there’s really an underscore in the title). And the release date (DD/MM/YY): 08/08/14. I was so excited that I babbled about it to my friend (who’s also a fangirl, but of One Direction, so she probably knows how I feel) because it was just 2 days before the release of the song. And then on August 8, the release date was changed to 08/09/14. I admit, I was sort of upset that moment. I mean, I was so ready for the new song and then bam! You’ll have to wait again. Way to crush my excitement there. And I guess it was a bad news for other Stormers too. What an appropriate pun, right? Those sneaky lads.

But after a few days, this happened:

and then this:


This really made my day! I wasn’t able to hear it on BBC Radio 1 though because of time zones. But the very good news is we have bad_news already! Yey! All I can say is that they do not disappoint. They never fail to make good music. It was stuck in my head ever since I heard it to be honest. Like their other songs, it was bloody amazing! Or is it because I’m an avid fan? Either way, I love it! So I would like to share with you the amazing new track from them. Here it is (by the way, this video was just uploaded few minutes ago. And yes, I am writing this on August 20 and will be posted few days or weeks from now):

Aside from having the new song, I got to see them perform live… via live stream. Thank goodness for modern technology and live streams! It was their gig at the Sziget Festival 2014 in Budapest so again, time differences. Their set will be at 5:45 PM in their time, which will be 11:45 PM in the Philippines. As time gets closer to their set, I feel like I’m about to hyperventilate (but I’m not, really) and I was starting to scream in my texts to a friend. That’s how thrilled I am.

Sziget Festival 2014, Budapest

And when they’re already on stage, my eyes were glued to my screen, abandoning the messages of my friend (so sorry, friend). It was heart-stopping. I know I was not there in the venue exactly, but I felt like I was also there. I was even singing with Dan in every song while constantly pounding my table like it was a drum set.

It was also quite funny how Dan, who wrote their songs, messed up the lyrics of Blame and Oblivion. I mean, who forgot the lyrics of the song you wrote which you happened to constantly play during your tours? Well, maybe it was because of the sea of people watching them. Knowing Dan (not like we’re close friends, but I would love to be), he really gets nervous when performing. But I don’t care. Dan forgetting the lyrics is the most adorable thing for me.

By the way, there’s a f***load of you (guys). It’s terrifying.

– Dan Smith

One of their trademarks is during Flaws, Dan would roam around the crowd. At Sziget Festival, there was like a walk way at the middle of the pack, so Dan wasn’t able to join them. But the best part of it was when Dan climbed up this big clock (it has a scaffolding around it) in front of the stage. Dan, who always has the impeccable timing on when to go back to stage, was stuck at the clock. I guess he really enjoyed it up there.

Sorry, I got stuck. Never climbed up big bits of scaffolding in the middle of the song. Bad idea.

– Dan Smith

I stayed up so late (until past 1:00 AM, Philippine time) just to watch them even if I had to wake up at around 5:30 AM the next day (or should I say later?). But it was totally worth it! It was their best gig yet. For me. They were just so happy on stage. Maybe because of the response they got from their new song. I don’t know. But they were so freaking happy and it also made me happy.

The day after, I found out that there would be a replay of their set again via live stream. Since I cannot get over it, I watched it again. I’ll just never get tired of watching them perform and hearing their songs. That’s how I love BΔSTILLE. And it would really be wickedly amazing if they’ll have a gig here in the Philippines. X

Sziget Festival 2014, Budapest

Sziget Festival 2014, Budapest

Sziget Festival 2014, Budapest

P.S. Sorry for the crappy screenshot. And again, sorry if there are grammar mistakes or whatever. 😉